Damn you plateau!!

Seriously. Damn you. Sitting at 168-170 this week. This needs to stoooooooop.
In other news I had fish burgers last night. I’m pretty sure that I’ve never had a fish burger beforehand. I liked them. Fiance did not. But hey! it was $5 for 8 of those badboys so no loss there. Plus, yknow, I get to eat the rest ^_^ Luckily I even had some veggies in the fridge so they weren’t all plain and icky. Yes!

Less then 1 week til camp and I don’t think I’ll make my 165 goal.. Which is a little disappointing to say. Who knows, with all the hills and walking maybe I’ll make that goal AT camp. No hopes up though. 😦


Okay, so weighed myself today. Totes at 171. Sooooo that’s really nothing new. But atleast I didn’t gain anything! I’ve also started tracking everything I’ve been eating since my last post, and really, I’m not eating as much as I should. I don’t think. I’m trying to maintain at least breakfast and dinner but sometimes that just doesn’t even happen.
I also have a little silly Facebook challenge going over the next month and now I can’t eat chips (lol, okay!) or cheese for a month. That shouldn’t really be that hard. So this challenge seems like it will be a breeze. Luckily enough I’m challenging myself to actually STICK WITH THE HEALTY BUSINESS YOU SLACKER.
And now I’m still trying to lose the 5-6 pounds before the end of the month. Ugh. Tips?
Stupid plateaus .


It’s been FOREVER since I’ve blogged. This is what happens when I don’t really spend time on my laptop and just dick around the interwebs on my phone. Mah bad.
These past few weeks I’ve kinda sucked at eating healthy. Or at least more cheat days then I’d have liked. And like, not really any veggies.
What really sucks is that I’m back to around170-173 depending…but on the other hand at least I haven’t gained ALL that weight back.
My struggle right now is that I don’t have the $$$ to buy food. And that’s just not helping anything.
I was hoping to make it to 165 before fYrefly (So like, July 30th or so) but I don’t think that’s going to happen. Which is kinda sad.
Side note though is all my shirts seem to be too big for me and they’re making me look silly. Sadface.


So today was weight in! 
And can I just say that I’m not scared of them anymore. Not like I was shaking in my boots scared but still.
Today’s number? 171. As in 12 pounds lost since I started this damn diet. Which is fantastic.
The weather’s nicer now too, so like, more walks are happening. Not as much as I’d like them to…but waking up early and putting on clothes is just a lot of work. Seriously. How do people do this? Bed’s are more comfy ^.^
Speaking of walks though, the fiance totally got a long board (because of bad an…kles…. I believe it is. That sounds right) So now she doesn’t quite have an excuse not to go out with me.
PLUS, I get to push her sometimes so that’s a little more work for me 😉 yippeeeeeeeee.
Other then that really, FREAKING veggies. I hate you. Why? Cause I buy so much and then a day later they’re gone. Y U NO LAST?
Off to Safeway after work tonight! Or no foods for us 😦 Sadface

Oh yeah, on the ftm side of things. I may have found somewhere else to get T again. So hopefully that’s a thing that happens within the next few months. Depending. On the damn move. And fYrefly. WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAVE TO HAPPEN AT ONCE.
My life. 

Day…. (I’ll do the math later)

Yeah yeah, okay I haven’t posted in a while. This is totally my bad. Partially cause I know we’ve (my fiance and I) have been cheating here and there more then usual. And also cause I was like, OH SHIT DON’T WANNA WEIGH MYSELF CAUSE IT’S BEEN FOREVER.
So I did that today. Weighed myself. 176.6. Thank fuck. Haha, if it went up I probably would have a good talk with myself that’s all “Emmett ._. See? This is what happens.”
Also, keeping veggies in the fridge is haaaaaaaaard. They just don’t seem to last. Like EVER. No matter how much we buy! What’s with this. Crazy ass veggies.
All and all though we’re making better conscious decisions about what we eat, even if we’re out. So that’s a thing.
And I totes bought some comfy track pants/ working out shirts AND a phone (cause uh, haven’t had one since August) So I’ll have my tunes and some specific workout clothes. I totally bought a Pac-man six pac shirt too. Maybe a photo later on. Cause that thing is a boss. And reminds me of SOMEONES working their puff into tuff shirt >.>

@!! or…. 21! if you don’t hit the shift button.

So…. was a little worried about my weigh in this week. This last week I had totally slacked on my workouts and kinda didn’t keep track of my food intake. Overall I think things were okay. We had a family thing to go to which was very paleo friendly. And had a few days out and about the house. We managed to have ‘naked’ burgers (no bun) from a place basically right beside us that that was a sweet little score as well. A few things to note though…. when the fridge is getting low on food and you don’t want any of it? That’s when the LETS ORDER IN FOR THE NIGHT. MAYBE WE SHOULD JUST GO EAT AT WENDY’s start to sink it. Which leads to the Papa John’s pizza we had. Which… was thin crust and I only had 2 pieces of … but still. That’s just not cool. Just go to the grocery store Emmett ._. It’s not that far.


Weigh in – 178.4
Difference from last week – 1 pound
Lost so far – 4.6 pounds
Let’s do better this week ._.